Our holiday cottages in Northumberland

Picture a gently-winding country drive flanked by remote fields, with a stream on one side and rolling hills on the horizon. You’ve found The Four Sisters – where your well-earned break is about to begin.


There are two buildings in total. Lucy, Romilly and Lydia sit within the barn, and Poppy House stands on its own.

The Cottages

Pssst! - a secret from Lucy and Romilly

Did you know you can book Lucy and Romilly as one unit? 

There’s a secret door in the bookcase that links the two properties. But you didn’t hear it from us…

Poppy House

Sleeps: Up to six

Discover Poppy 


Sleeps: Up to four

Discover Lucy


Sleeps: Up to two

Discover Romilly


Sleeps: Up to two

Discover Lydia

Can I bring my pet to The Four Sisters?

You can bring one dog along to Poppy House, but no other pets. You can find more information on the Poppy House page.

No pets are allowed in our other properties.